Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Secret to My Sanity (or a reasonable facsimile)

As previously mentioned
home=stress (but in a good way)
but outwardly
me=no stress.

My it just because I am SO well adjusted that nothing phases me? That I can deal with anything life throws at me and just smile and say thank you?

Well, if you know me at all, you know those aren't even close...I do crack, I do lash out, I just try to keep it low key, because on the few times I truly lost my shit, it started a domino effect that just kept going and going down the levels of the office. It was kinda cool to see once, but I try my best to avoid it happening again.

For the most part though, I have found that the thing that works best for me isn't alcohol, drugs, fightclub (don't talk about fight club), counseling, religion (don't get me started) or any extreme solution is simple.

...I go to the gym on a ridiculously regular basis.

OK, I'll be the first to admit my original reason for going 10 years ago was to look better for the ladies, I was getting older (in my late 20's, ooooohhhhhh) and it was the thing to do...but then after mission successful (I met my wife)...that reason wasn't the main focus...then it was actually getting healthy and looking better. It also helped that it was an interest for me in getting the job that I have. I have a pretty good grasp on what we are talking about when planning future issues, and how to make the books read easily for people who don't.

Once again as I normally do, fast forward a few years...I'm 39, and the aforementioned stresses of life start to catch up with you (plus the whole, well, looking 39 thing) the gym is a crutch of sorts...on days when I don't get there before work, I feel like ass...and I even somehow convince myself I look like that too (not that my normal look is stud or anything, but I like to think I at least don't look my age). For some reason I even still buy into the whole "abs" thing, even though I better than anyone know exactly what the models in the mags go through to have abs on those days...dieting, water depletion etc...I can't imagine how other people think if I have even bought into it.

Anyway, back to the real reason...being at the gym for an hour and a half, reading the latest zombie/vampire novel while doing cardio, then lifting for an hour or so is revitalizing...I don't talk to anyone, I don't even really look at anyone. Heavy music + my own little peaceful world where noone needs anything from me (that is VERY rare, believe me). It is like a little piece of freedom (with a lot of fake people floating around in various outfits they shouldn't be wearing). Occasionally I will answer emails from work, but only if they are pressing and/or funny. It is actually amazing that something that can be good for you physically can also be so helpful mentally. I can't even imagine how great it would be if I went to a good gym :-)

In short, I would recommend it to anyone, and let's hope I remember this next time I am complaining about not having time to go to a movie, but still finding time to be at the gym...that movie will be out on DVD in a few months, but every hour I train is an investment in the current days sanity and my health in the future to spend with my girls.

Plus, I won't kill anyone in the meantime...and there are a group of people in the office that will like that one.



Lesley said...

Dude. I have never seen you look like ass. Though the day you do, I will be the first to tell you all about it. Because I? Am that good of a friend.

I'm glad you have this time in the gym. No matter how wonderful our lives may be, we all need the things that help us recharge and regroup and, when needed, cope.

"...with a lot of fake people floating around in various outfits they shouldn't be wearing." HAHA!

These people must travel in a big pack that leaves your gym and then goes wherever I go because I SEE THESE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

thedailysnark said...

I should haul my butt back into the gym. It's been a couple of weeks because I haven't been able to stand the thought of trading one airconditioned place (work) for another (gym). But I get what you mean. I put on my headphones, put my head down and do my thing. If forced I will say Hi to someone but for the most part I feel like I'm in a bubble. And it's a nice thing sometimes. It's always hard to drag myself there but once I do I'm eternally grateful.

Lesley said...

Woo-hoo! Updated to increase "beefcake" factor. Nice.

Rich said...

Sage advice bro.

(P.S. Must be a little distracting working out under the lights with a photographer in your face.)

A CDN in LA said...

I'm used to it now, it's the life of a celebrity.

(If by celebrity you mean "light test stand in guy")


raino said...

from one canadian to another, keep up the good work. something seems to be working.